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A flock of Jayhawks

at an Arizona race!


After retiring from JPL, (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Jayhawk founder Jim Moore decided he would attempt to build an aluminum BMX frame that could win over the carbon fiber crowd. JPL learned in the 90's that carbon fiber is not a magic materials solution. There are many things engineers cannot and should not use it for.


After fabricating and testing several prototypes, we have come up with a rugged frame structure which can be made from any sheet material, including Titanium, Aluminum, or even pre-preg carbon fiber sheet. The chosen version is made from a single sheet of aluminum alloy, to which the bottom bracket, head tube and dropouts are attached.

The frame is a unique "box beam" design. (Patent pending)

We can make semi-custom bikes. Tell us what you want- choose axle size, belt drive capable, extra long chain stays etc

Founder Jim Moore is the inventor of the Hawk. People still race Hawks after 25 years! The Jayhawk has a patent pending, containing 30 claims, including the "box beam" design which is torsionally stiffer than two smaller carbon tubes. (Yup)

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